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Organise and deliver exceptional client results while building a community and growing your fitness business with PocketTrainer – personal training software for fitness professionals.

What is PocketTrainer?

PocketTrainer is personal trainer client management software designed specifically to take the hassle out of running a fitness business and deliver you, the personal trainer, more time to spend on delivering successful outcomes and building strong, long lasting relationships with your clients.

Build your fitness business your way

Grow your business

With the ability to automate and share content digitally you will be able to take your business from in person to online, offering you the ability to grow your revenue stream.

Build a community

Stay connected with your clients with the ability to create events, start a blog and promote a team culture through our integrated news feed and event creation functionality. 

Deliver exceptional outcomes

Create personal training programs, upload progress photos, track weight measurements and bodyfat percentage all in real time to help deliver unbeatable results for your clients.

No more payment hassle

With our fully integrated payment solution, with the help of our partner EZYPAY, you can set up reccuring scheduled payments to ensure you never have to follow up payments from clients again.

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Pricing Plan

"Pay as you go"

Here at PocketTrainer we understand fitness businesses come in all shapes and sizes. To cater to this we have a simple one size fits all pricing plan. Its simple, we take 1% of gross revenue on the day of settlement. There is no need to change plans as your business grows, or you decide to take a break.

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Limited time offer

Try PocketTrainer now, free until June 1st. This is a limited time offer. After this period you will be automatically charged 1% of gross revenue. You do not need to do anything for the free trial period to roll over to a full time membership.

How to make more money as a personal trainer

Tips for building a profitable fitness business

Download our free guide on how to build a profitable fitness business with tips you can action now for immediate results.